G-Code Generator - 4 hole flange

This is a very rudimentary attempt to output simple x-y code based on user input. It's certainly not the best way to write G-code, but it should produce valid output, and might be useful for generating blocks of bulk code for testing purposes.

(decimal numbers)
Plate width
Plate height
Hole diameter
Hole center from horizontal edge
Hole center from vertical edge
Horizontal repeat
max = 8
Vertical repeat
max = 8
Cutter kerf offset
Spacing for multiples
Decimal points
1 to 6

Print G-Code
      processed 186 lines             cutting area - 2.6" by 2.1"

picture 1

This project was written using the extremely useful and free open-source tools PHP and GD and served up with Apache. If you use this and like it, please let me know.

© 2003 Hal Eckhart