HPGL Generator - 4 hole flange

(decimal inches only)
Plate width
Plate height
Hole diameter
Hole center from horizontal edge
Hole center from vertical edge
Horizontal repeat
max = 8
Vertical repeat
max = 8
Cutter kerf offset
Spacing for multiples

Print HPGL output @ 1000 steps per inch
      processed 186 lines             cutting area - 2.6" by 2.1"

picture 1

This is a tool for generating and viewing HPGL files for cutting simple metal shapes on my groovy homemade plasma cutter. I've set it for a resolution of 1000 steps per inch to make it easier to tell where I am in a file. I think that the normal resolution is either 1021 or 1016 steps per inch, but I really don't care about normal.

Lead-ins are automatically generated from the center of each hole and 100 steps outside the rectangle. The green lines are just the torch path when it's not cutting. The first move is the red line. The red dot is the zero point.

If you put in stupid dimensions, you will get stupid results. I am not responsible for your problems with this or anything else. Actually, I'm just plain not responsible, so be careful! Caveat emptor! Even if you didn't empt it.

If you think you can do something useful with the generated code, just save it from the "Print HPGL..." page. And try not to hurt yourself. It's not like I'd feel guilty if you died, but it still might make me sad. Probably not.

This project was written using the extremely useful and free open-source tools PHP and GD and served up with Apache. If you use this and like it, please let me know.

© 2003 Hal Eckhart