HPGL Tricks

It would be interesting to know if this makes any sense to anyone besides me.

The upload feature won't do much for you unless you have the file formatted correctly. I'm using a stripped down definition of HPGL-1; just pen-up and pen-down commands followed by a semicolon and a newline. See this for an example.

I've applied some basic formatting to the generated image to make it easier to figure out what's going on. The zero point on the drawing is a red dot, the first pen-up move is a red line, and the rest are green. Pen-down moves are black.

dotzero point
red linefirst pen up move
green linepen up (PU)
black linepen down (PD)

See this for a sample image, which shows the various colored lines.

The image output is automatically scaled to compensate for a wide range of sizes. This can certainly become annoying, but it's sort of useful and I don't really feel like changing it right now.

Upload a file to edit
Live HPGL Editor and Viewer

4-hole flange generator

And here's a link to the old version of this page with some different iterations of this concept.

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