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This is a repository of code, ideas, personal junk, and flotsam that I'm working on. Some of these ideas are half baked. Some of this code is concocted from clever ideas posted on the PHP site and elsewhere by smart people to help others understand how to make things work. And I've even come up with a few ideas myself.

Code, Math, PHP:

  Tube Coping
    - cut a round thing to weld to another round thing!
       (like for making bicycles and stuff)

  HPGL Generator and Editor
    - some experiments in parametric code generation and editing
      4 hole flange generator
      Live HPGL Editor and Viewer
      Upload a file to edit
      HPGL duplication
      - several methods to duplicate (and even reverse) HPGL objects for efficient mass production

  G-Code Generator
    - cheesy but functional

  Crate Cut List Generator
    - reconstruction of a project from 1991 using PHP, GD and Apache

  Fractions with PHP
    - how to round and sort random numbers to legible fractional inches

  Drawing a circle with PHP
    - define x-y coordinates for a circle

  Drawing an ellipse with PHP
    - same idea, just not round

  Ellipse Generator
    - putting the idea to work

  PHP file highlighting
    - the valid way!

  PNG Thing
    - a vaguely self-evident demonstration of making images from user input


  Photo Gallery
    - a self indexing gallery type deal

  Personal Pictures
    - family and vacation shots

    - around the shop, and a few other places

Purely Commercial:

  Tip jar
    - be the first to help pay for my bandwidth!

  Buy some stuff
    - a silly attempt at online commerce

Purely Noncommercial:

    - my nascent blog


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